Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shanghaied Part IV

Today is the day! We had our last good night's sleep at a Holiday Inn in Arlingotn, VA. I felt so guilty that Jim and I relaxed while Jules and Neil drove down with all our gear, heavy boat batteries, etc. As they prepared their boat all last night,we dined with Jackie.

"I feel terrible they have to lug all our stuff and prepare the boat," I made sure to say as my mouth got all fixed up for the chicken kabob I just ordered.

"Yea, Mom, you look guilty as you sit their buttering your bread and sipping wine," Jackie said.

Jules started blogging her version of our trip. Of course she tells on me that instead of helping with last minute preparations, I got my hair dyed so I could look great as I wave to all the onlookers from shore.

As those landlubbers stand among the boats sleeping snuggly beneath their shrink-wrap blankets, they'll probably be wondering, "Who is crazy enough to be setting out this time of year?"

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