Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shanghaied Part II

Jim's been complaining that I'm buying us a lot of gear for what was supposed to be a free vacation. So, when I bought myself a headlamp, something you'd see a miner wear, I didn't get him one. "Hey," he said, "if you get to have one, then I get to have one." So, I went back to the store. He tried his on yesterday morning while eating breakfast. He finally admited that it does comes in handy. "Now I can really see my cereal!"

Since learning how to spot unexploded depth charges on nautical charts, I thought I should move on to study the survival books I've collected over the years. My Army Survival Manual is no use as it's mostly how to survive inland, and another one I have, "The Worst-Case Scenerio Survival Handbook" is great for showing me how to jump into a dumpster from a building, but it only had a page on how to fend off a shark attack or treat frost bite. Now I'm off to the bookstore to find out how to live for months on the open sea without resorting to cannibalism. I don't think Jim should complain about that purchase.

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