Friday, March 9, 2012

Shanghaied Part lll: Chart of trip

We are on Amtrak right now headed to DC to see our daughter, Jackie, who will then take us to Annapolis on Saturday to meet Jules and Neal at a marina on the Chesapeake Bay.

I was stunned when the conductor said we were crossing over Hell Gate Bridge, which is directly over the most treacherous passage of our whole trip. Now I can feel Humphrey Bogart's dread in the movie, "African Queen," when he had to face the wild, unpredictable currents of the Ulanga River.

The currents under Hell Gate Bridge were going in so many directions, I can see how you can get caught in a whirlpool! I'm just really glad I bought harnesses for Jim and I yesterday at a marine consignment store. Knowing we had never sailed before, the owner of the shop said to me, "Wow, you are braver than I am, and I live on a sailboat!"

Not braver, just crazy!

To silence Jim's complaints about my many purchases, I've been telling him that we can use the headlamps and foul weather gear to make walking Bailey in the next hurricane a safer, more pleasant experience. Now we can walk him hands-free by connecting him to our harness!

Jackie found a sailing trip online that shows approximately where we are embarking from and how we will get to NYC. From there we will go through Long Island Sound to our home in Mystic, CT. The following is someone else's trip, but gives you an idea of what a nautical chart looks like. It even shows an unexploded bomb in the Atlantic--one we will want to avoid! 

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