Monday, October 3, 2011

Kayaking in Mystic

Here I am at Beebee Cove, near where I live, in the hat my husband says makes me look like I'm out rhino hunting.
Although I am still hoping for a friend with a "real" boat, I am lucky to have found my friend, Cindy, who has three kayaks and offers to take me out regularly. I float around with a lot of swans and seaguls and here at Beebee Cove, according to Ann Kuehner, the photographer, we saw "osprey, cormorant and great white egret – the last is the tall, skinny white shore bird. The cormorants are often found on logs or other things projecting up out of the water. It was probably the crested cormorant – there are several different ones, but that is the most likely. If you see a small white skinny bird, that is also an egret – likely a cattle egret."

When Cindy takes me to spots where there is a danger of being swept out to sea, I usually just text Jim the location so he'll know where to begin looking if I'm not home.

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