Saturday, May 28, 2011

Seal Watch (letter dated Sunday, March 6, 2011)

Dear Friends and Family,

Jim and I went on a seal watch cruise yesterday from Avery Point. We saw more than 200 seals lying on the rocks off Fisher's Island from a re-outfitted offshore lobster boat. The seals just lay on the rocks and barely moved, but it was fun watching a gaggle of young girls on the boat celebrating a birthday, some pimply boys excited to record on a handout the number of seals we saw, where, time and temperature, etc., and some others who just sat there looking seaside. The seas were rough, cold and exciting!

Later we dried off in front of the fire at the Daniel Packer Inne where we sat next to a female prison guard who told us some fun escape stories (like an excapee in an orange prison outfit asking a convenience store owner for money to make a phone call), and a bridge engineer who had a lot to say about our country's infrastructure and the Yankees.

There happened to be a Patch reporter on our seal watch trip. If you want to catch a glimse of the back of Jim's head or my voice in the background, see our journey at:
(I commented on the bottom of the article.)


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